Playing, studying, dreaming and growing; there is space for all this in a GOLF room. A space capable of transforming itself and adapting to the needs of everyday life, full of colour and elements designed for maximum containment. The ergonomic solutions make the GOLF bedroom an environment to be lived in freedom and complete safety.


The COLLECTION bedrooms are full of innovative and playful design elements, without sacrificing the quality and safety that characterises each product.


A romantic atmosphere with modern details characterizes the bedrooms, where delicate finishes are combined with the more lively ones to meet the taste and vitality of the little ones.

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Darba laiks P-P: 10.00 -19.00
S: 10.00 -17.00


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"Jums ir jābūt zinātkāram un vienmēr jāmācās. Es nekad neesmu darījis lietas, domājot par nokļūšanu kaut kur. Es vienkārši esmu sajūsmā par to, ka daru tās labi, un izdomāju veidus, kā darīt vēl labāk."

Ivo Colombini